Working Groups
Monday 9th of September 2013 11:45:34 AM
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Experts will be invited to contribute to the project through five stakeholder-based working groups co-chaired by one member from the US and one from the EU. Each group will address impacts in the Arctic marine environment, as relates to the economy, environment, society, research and policy decision-making to help provide options for future transatlantic policy in the Arctic.

Environmental Governance Working Group

Dr. Stuart Chapin, Co-Chair

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Dr. Neil Hamilton, Co-Chair

WWF-Arctic International Programme

Mr. Stewart Arnold

Policy & Communications Advisor to Diana Wallis MEP

Dr. Paul Berkman

Scott Polar Institute, University of Cambridge

Dr. Victoria Elias

WWF Russia

Dr. Jane Lubchenco

Oregon State University

Dr. Marybeth Long Martello

Independent Scholar and Consultant

Mr. Jaime Reynolds

European Commission, DG Environment

Dr. Gunnar Sander

European Environment Agency

Mr. Brooks Yeager

Clean Air-Cool Planet

Dr. Oran Young

University of California at Santa Barbara

Fisheries Working Group

Ambassador David Balton, Co-Chair

US Department of State, Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science

Mr. Kjartan Hoydal, Co-Chair

North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission

Mr. David Benton

Marine Conservation Alliance

Ms. Maren Esmark


Dr. Michael Köhler

European Commission, DG MARE

Dr. Ted McDorman

University of Victoria

Ms. Lisa Speer

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Indigenous Peoples Working Group

Ms. Patricia Cochran, Co-Chair

Inuit Circumpolar Conference

Dr. Mark Nuttall, Co-Chair

University of Alberta, University of Oulu

Dr. Lloyd Axworthy

University of Winnipeg

Dr. Dolly Garza

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Dr. Edna MacLean

Former President, Ilisagvik College

Ms. Lotta Numminen

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Frank Sejersen

University of Copenhagen

Mr. Rodion Sulyandziga

RAIPON (Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North)

Dr. Gitte Trondheim

University of Greenland

Offshore Hydrocarbon Working Group

Dr. Cutler Cleveland, Co-Chair

Boston University

Mr. Kevin O'Carroll, Co-Chair

OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee

Mr. Flemming Getreuer Christiansen

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

Dr. Donald L Gautier

US Geological Survey

Dr. Peter Larsen

The Nature Conservancy

Dr. James Parker

Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.

Dr. Dennis Thurston

US Minerals Management Service

Dr. Alexander Shestakov

BP Russia

Shipping Working Group

Dr. Lawson Brigham, Co-Chair

US Arctic Research Commission

Mr. Rene Piil Pedersen, Co-Chair

Danish Shipowners' Association

Mr. Bjorn Brunstad

Econ Pöyry

Mr. Ben Ellis

Institute of the North

Mr. Mikko Niini

Aker Arctic Technology Inc.

Mr. Iain Shepherd

European Commission, DG MARE

Dr. Kirsi Tikka

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)