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Policy Briefs

The following policy briefs draw upon a series of background papers, expert meetings and interviews to provide an overview of the international and EU governance options for addressing the rapid changes underway in the region. While reflecting the opinions of its authors, and not necessarily the views of the European Commission, they benefit from the opinions and insights of the experts participating in the five Arctic TRANSFORM working groups.

Summary for Policy Makers


Transatlantic Policy Options for Supporting Adaptation in the Marine Arctic


Comparative policy analyses: US, EU and transatlantic Arctic policy

 PDF (43 pages)

Background Papers

The following background papers were originally presented at the May 2008 Co-chairs meeting and have been revised to incorporate expert feedback.

Introduction to the background papers

 Paper (17 pages)  

Environmental Governance in the Marine Arctic

 Paper (41 pages)  Summary (4 pages)

Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic

 Paper (33 pages)  Summary (5 pages)

Arctic Fisheries

 Paper (27 pages)  Summary (4 pages)

Offshore Hydrocarbon in the Arctic

 Paper (43 pages)  Summary (4 pages)

Arctic Shipping

 Paper (28 pages)  Summary (5 pages)

Expert Policy Papers

Each working group prepared an expert policy options paper for each thematic area: environmental governance, indigenous peoples, fisheries, offshore hydrocarbon and shipping.

Environmental Governance Working Group


Indigenous Peoples Working Group


Fisheries Working Group


Offshore Hydrocarbon Working Group


Shipping Working Group


Meeting reports

The following synthesis reports summarise the stakeholder-based workshop held in Berlin, Germany in September 2008 and the final conference to present the policy options held in Brussels, Belgium in March 2009. The project brochure is also available.

Final Conference Synthesis Report

 PDF (7 pages)

Expert Workshop Synthesis Report

 PDF (6 pages)

Arctic TRANSFORM Project Brochure

 PDF (2 pages)